180 Church

Henry Kim

Director of Creative Arts & Media

Henry is the Director of Creative Arts and Media at 180 Church; he imagines, animates, and even draws stick figures to make Pastor Sam's sermons just that much more exciting and engaging. Also being a part of 180 Media Group, Henry is the cinematographer, graphic designer, and visual effects artist and has served those roles in a number of feature films and media projects.

Henry has this amazing ability to make things that are already abstract even weirder. Many times we will respond to his odd observations with great perplexity but then we'll come to our senses and remember that he's literally from another planet (He has the tattoo to prove it!).

If you're interested in serving 180 in any capacity for media and arts, please contact: henry@180mediagroup.tv.

BFA Fine Art, School of Visual Arts 2005

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