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And God said, "Let there be videos"

This Sunday (08/26), we will be having our Desserts in the Sun at Great Hill in Central Park. Service will start at noon! Follow along with worship!

August 19, 2018

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The Parables: Paranormal Phenomenology

Acts 10: 9-23

In both the Bible and our present day reality, we bear witness to some of the strangest, illogical, and supernatural phenomena that can remain in the fold of inexplicable mysticism, but has its stake in doubt over actuality. Paranormal phenomenology gives us a framework by which one could quantify the supernatural, observe and measure the reality of the paranormal to make a claim for the work of God in our lives. Where biblical narratives coalesce with the here and now, and fantasy is bridged by reality, the Spirit of God invites us into a greater than fiction moment quantified by life change.

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