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And God said, "Let there be videos"

January 17, 2021

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Explicitly Identifying Our Spiritual Bubbles

Acts 10: 9-23

Every one of us lives inside a bubble defined by our own positionality and biases; the violent events that recently took place at the Capitol are evidence of that. Such insularity is dangerous because it incites us to see the people outside of our bubbles as caricatures rather than as human beings. But humility and repentance pave the way for spiritual intervention to shine light on the areas in our lives where we are resistant to unfamiliar people, things, and ideas out of fear or discomfort. Through Christ, God broke barriers and came down to live among us as man, and as His followers we are called to perpetuate this movement by breaking through the boundaries of our bubbles to love and see one another as God loves and sees us.

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